YouTube Crash Course for Small Business By. Owen Video

By. Emily Hagen




October 26th, 2016, we released a new training course in the Traffic Academy. Owen Video created the YouTube Crash Course for Small Business—an 8-Week Crash Course where you can learn how to optimize your online business with video marketing. Video Marketing is an effective marketing strategy which brings in potential prospects and buyers and grabs their interest.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video to review a product or service? What about a how-to video for a task or project? Imagine yourself tapping into the infinite exposure provided by video marketing. You can broadcast specific clips addressing consumer needs and pains through YouTube and every social media platform imaginable!

The YouTube Crash Course for Small Business course goes in depth about the process of creating your YouTube account, as well as the strategies to implement the tools offered. Be sure to pay extra attention to the P3 Content Strategy so you can fully understand what to make your videos about.

Beyond this, Owen Video covers key information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to create specialized keywords to generate organic traffic from common search engines such as Google. Strategies and tactics chosen vm-tacticsto enhance your business is essential in all forms of marketing, but he describes best way to monetize video marketing.

Owen Video’s YouTube Crash Course for Small Business gives you essential information necessary to set your online business apart from others and standout visually. Get stated with the video marketing 8-Week Crash Course! Watch your business grow and tap into your ultimate potential!

Keep in mind, every course in the Traffic Academy is transferable in ALL markets. In other words, while the courses are presented in a manner more specific to affiliate marketing, you can take each lesson and apply it to other business entities. For example, if you own dog daycare, you can apply social media marketing, email auto-responders, and video marketing to reach out to potential consumers.


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Click here to watch the webinar replay of the YouTube Crash Course for Small Business launch.

Click here to access the Traffic Academy and the YouTube Crash Course for Small Business course.

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