The Weakest Link and Your Downline

By. Emily Hagen


The Weakest Link and Your Downline

A commonly heard phrase is “Your team is only as strong as its weakest link.” This has been tried and proven true since the beginning of time. So why are we talking about this?
Your Downline is only as strong as your weakest team member. Doesn’t it make sense to help your Downline in every way possible? When you have a strong team, a large part of your commissions will come from them. We have received many calls from new members, stating that they have reached out to their sponsors, but they AREN’T ANSWERING.

In order to add value to your business, one must add value to themselves. Enhancing your personal and professional development directly impacts your business and the results obtained. As you help your Downline, you add said value to your business and grow yourself by gaining a deeper understanding of Traffic Authority. So help your Downline! They rely on your assistance as a guide to commissions and sales, just as you rely on your Downline for your additional commissions.

In addition to this grand nugget of information, we have provided a Google Doc to send out to your Downline. Many people do not understand how to connect their GetResponse with Traffic Authority. GetResponse is essential, because it will send out automatic, scheduled emails to your leads that we have written for you. This online document contains detailed, step by step instructions and images to connect your two accounts. Send this to any team member who contacts you with this issue. So get to work and DO THE THING!

PS:While GetResponse is not used for Push Button Profits, it is still a grand idea to help your Downline.


Click here to view the GetResponse Google Doc with detailed instructions.


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