The Three Elements of Leadership


By. Emily Hagen



The Three Elements of Leadership

Joe provided us with a little quiz. This quiz asks you a few questions, and then tells you what kind of leader you are. Based on your results, you can determine how to best utilize this newly found information to better yourself. Are there aspects you need to enhance about yourself? Do you need to get more involved and work alongside the people you lead? Here are 3 key elements to every leader.


Lead Yourself

A leader cannot simply tell an individual to do something, or evoke fear into that individual to accomplish the task. No amount of HR training, organizational behavior research, or self-help leadership books can “train” you to become a good leader. A leader must consistently evaluate themselves and continually develop themselves personally. The ability to be comfortable with yourself and your decisions shows confidence and sincerity. Once you have exemplified these traits, others will feel comfortable with your leadership and build a relationship with loyalty.

Lead Others

                “The ability to light a fire within people rather than under them, to make them feel special, to make them feel important, valued and understood—those will motivate people for the long term.” Leaders will always choose to rise their peers up, instead of put them down. When an individual does not feel like an asset, or that their efforts aren’t noticed, they will not be motivated to complete their tasks. Leading others can be done in a variety of ways. It is up to you to determine how you will lead others.

Lead from the Inside Out

Titles do not make leaders. Have you ever had a boss that was not a leader? Think of the differing characteristics between this boss and someone you view as a true leader. You will find that a true leader will continually show these key elements every day. It is important to keep your mind clear of clutter that you cannot control. Without the ability to focus on what must be done and what your peers need of you, you will not be able to lead effectively. Take each day to analyze yourself and what needs to get done in order for everyone’s dreams and goals to become a reality.



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