TA Traffic Report: Visionary~Founders Hour

By: Emily Hagen


Two main topics came up in the Visionary Founders Hour webinar- professional and personal development.


Professional Development

Working with Traffic Authority allows you to gain marketing experience that can be taken and applied anywhere. Navigating through the variety of sources, such as the Traffic Academy and the Daily Marketing Plan, one can begin their path to professional development and unbelievable results.

To get started, try understanding Traffic Authority better. Visit the fast training videos in the Traffic Academy, as well as the video content in your back office. Understand the basics such as generating traffic and leads. Through these videos, you can become acquainted with the meaning of clicks, sales funnels, and prospects, and ultimately eliminate the many questions one may have.

Your first steps build the road to success and results. Start by going beyond automatic messaging to opts. Reach out to them, ask how they are doing, and ask how their progress is coming. Emphasize the value of the Traffic Academy and how it can be utilized as an asset to their success.  Communication will facilitate their advancement in the company, while growing your commissions. By becoming more involved with these individuals, you allow opportunity to build a community of like-minded individuals and key players for your team.

Development begins with the “nuggets.” These nuggets provide you with valuable ways to better yourself in a professional manner, which can be found throughout the content in videos, webinars, and community conversation. Between nuggets such as better communication through emails and strategic plans to enhance your results, your growth will continue to grow exponentially.

Utilize the Daily Marketing Plan and the Radio Leverage webinar. The Daily Marketing Plan directly provides nuggets of information on things you may have never noticed and become some assets to success.  When you “do the thing” results will follow. Radio Leverage brings together a community of hard working, motivated individuals in the industry. This allows a personalized experience for you to dive deeper into innovating strategies for results. Everyone comes together to ask questions, as well as answer them. Answers may even present themselves to questions you never thought of. While listening to radio leverage, begin some daily tasks, such as sending emails and invites. This will increase personal efficiency and open up the day for your taking.


Personal Development:

Greg noted in the webinar that, “To grow financially, you must grow personally.” One of the biggest obstacles for personal development is the fear of change. Change can come in positive and negative ways. It is imperative to identify what kind of change is affecting you. Both types will further your development once you’ve identified them. Managing these changes allows one to learn and utilize these obstacles. Adjust aspects of yourself, as well as your goals, visions, and ideas.

Money is essential to everyone. Food and gas are a necessity, and most of you are not only providing for yourself. However, without drive or motivation, making money and a reliable income will only make work less accomplishing. Dough gave an idea to get some creative juices flowing- go out shopping. Look at that nice car you’ve always wanted; stop by that spacious home you’ve always dreamed of. Try to touch, taste, and smell what will drive you to financial success. Listen to your kids passionately talk about what could become their future career. Make these desires your goal, which will motivate you to take on the changes necessary to results and commissions.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “It is not enough to take steps which may someday lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.” Since freshman year of high school, this quote has moved from wall to wall each time I move. Each time I make changes, and strive to complete my goals, this quote comes to mind. Obtaining goals takes planning and strategy. What are the steps you need to take? Start with your end goal- that desire you’ve found for motivating yourself daily. What are the milestones you need to place to get there? What are the smaller steps needed in the immediate future to get to the first milestone? Once an image has been made, your anxiety and fear will begin to dissolve and your results become more clear.

Sometimes it is difficult to envision this strategic path. Many factors, obstacles, and details become clouded. Start with a “dream board.” Add a quote that resonates well with you. Pin a picture of the driving desire for your goals. Jot down those milestones and steps needed. Tag on those weekly to-do lists that seems to grow legs and run away about mid-week. Hang it up at your work space, and don’t forget to look up at it when the future seems unclear. This dream board will slowly become your canvas and map on the path to success. In combination with the key sources to professional development found throughout Traffic Authority, commissions, success, and results will follow you all the way there.


To listen to the webinar click here.

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