TA Traffic Report: Turbo Charge Your Marketing Thursday

By. Emily Hagen


This broadcast provided an excellent article titled 10 Secret Mindsets of Multi-Millionaires. The author, Daniel Ally, is quite an impressive gentleman. As an international business expert, best-selling author, and keynote speaker, he has helped many business leaders on their path to success. Daniel has created a community of many big-name multi-millionaires. Kevin O’Leary, from the show “Shark Tank,” showed Daniel “the value of only holding profit-able relationships.” What is the purpose of keeping people in your money-driven community that only waste your time and profits? From “The Profit,” Marcus Lemonis, showed Daniel “how using your gifts can take you anywhere.” If one is able to take their strongest capabilities and apply them to the many aspects of life, a foundation for success will show itself. Daniel’s article has listed the ten mindsets of multi-millionaires, which overlap in numerous ways.


Build Something Bigger Than Yourself & Serve People:

This is especially notable in the Traffic Authority industry. Through the webinars and daily actions, you are creating a net-work of profit streams through marketing and sales. While narrowing the community through sales funnels, the list will grow. By serving these individuals, yourself and the community will generate sales and commissions all around. This is what building something bigger than yourself is all about. This self-made community will only grow and expand as you serve those participants.


Align Yourself with Experts & Get Feedback:

“’A friend might say you should do more push-ups,’ but a coach will show you how it makes you stronger, which motivates you to action.” Traffic Authority has a number of experts which participate in the webinars continuously. If you truly listen to Joe and the members which speak out, you will see results. Find someone in the industry or the Traffic Authority community to be your mentor. Follow in their footsteps and put their advice into action. Feedback from these key experts, as well as anyone you may interact with, will only boost the value of all that you do.


Managing Priorities, Create Systems that Leverage, and Produce Relentlessly:

In the last blog, we noted the importance of building strategies, such as listening to the daily show while completing the busy work of the day. After those one to two hours, then you can seize the rest of the day. By leveraging time, resources from Traffic Authority, and funnels, profits will rise due to the increase in efficiency. By freeing up an hour a day, an additional five to seven hours will present itself each week. You may be thinking, “Five to seven? Where do the extra two hours come from when I work Monday through Friday?” Produce relentlessly! Why stop on the weekends? While rest is important, putting in the extra hours during the weekend will only enhance the output created. Getting a leg-up will put you ahead of everyone else. What can you accomplish in five hours? What can be created or improved? This surplus time will allow one to focus on their priorities, which often produce the most results.


Make Quick Decisions:

Many opportunities and obstacles will arise quickly. With the speed of reality brought with the advancement of technology, the quicker decisions are made, the better. Simply, make something happen. Even if the wrong decision is made, it will lead you in the right direction shortly after. Those who make quick decisions will get results faster, and therefore, profits stream in more quickly. Those who are comfortable with themselves, tend to be best at making quick decisions. Do not make excuses. If you do not feel confident in your actions, find what till make you more comfortable. If that means reaching out to others or finding key information on how to effectively address surprise occurrences, do it. Eliminating poor excuses will only show the power, drive, and competence in your actions.


Take the mindsets which you may lack in; improve and implement them in everything you do from here on out. Watch the benefits produce over time and share them with your community. Traffic Authority is such a valuable network of sources and individuals where everyone can benefit from a single person’s growth. Learn from others and allow other to learn from you.


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