Sprint to the New Year Contest!: Extra Special Twists

By. Emily Hagen & Doug Wellens



Sprint to the New Year Contest!



While it’s sometimes a blur during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s celebrations, we wanted everyone to be able to get the most out of the remaining 2016 season by bundling up a final contest for one masbell-ringerssive blow-out into 2017.  From now till December 31st, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST, you can earn points to win prizes in the Sprint to the New Year Contest! This contest includes a Samsung 70-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV and a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.


When we think of Thanksgiving and Christmas, gratitude and compassion come to mind. The sound of a ringing bell in front of stores plays in our head and the image of a Salvation Army volunteer comes to mind. As entrepreneurs, we seek and take each opportunity to increase our finances and improve our quality of life. So why not take some of our opportunistic drive and allocate it towards those in need?


Now to introduce the main twist of this year’s final contest:

For this special holiday season, we wanted to suggest that if you have that giving spirit in mind, we added an action step to include a donation of your choice. When you donate to your favorite charity, you can earn up to $1,000 for up to 1,000 points! Traffic Authority will be matching our members’ generosity with a food bank donation, along with donating socks to a men’s and woman’s shelter. tis-the-seasonBelieve it or not, something as simple as a clean fresh pair of socks goes a long way to making someone’s day.


Our first donation match is for the Kearney Center. The Kearney Center feeds at least 600 people a day, houses at least 350 people overnight, and provides a variety of services such as medical assistance, job hunting, and financial planning. My (Emily’s) personal experience working with the center has been nothing short of memorable and life changing. The entire staff has left a lasting impression on me from the dedication and compassion they show for their clients.



Don’t forget, daily participation makes you eligible to win prizes in our daily raffle. But here is another twist! We threw in a Gold Traffic Package in the daily drawing! If that isn’t incentive enough to engage with our prospects and log those points, I’m not sure what is.


If you’re a member of the Traffic Authority VIP Mastermind group on FaceBook, tell us where you’d like to donate here.

To log your points and find more details, click here.

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