Spring Season Contest Has Arrived!

Spring Into Our Contest!

To kick off this spring season, we want to motivate you to create momentum for your online business while rewarding you for it! Have you continuously bought traffic packages and completed your daily actions? For the next 27 days, you can “do the thing” and earn points. The more points accumulated, the bigger traffic package you can win. Let’s be honest, cash and electronic prizes won’t help grow a business, nor will commissions for that matter. Earning points shows that you are fundamentally sound and “doing the things” necessary for your success. In addition to the contest, there is a BOGO opportunity. Buy one traffic package and get the second for 50% off, while earning double the points. Now that’s a good hit for extra bases! Now that’s a good hit for extra bases! Please click here to view the contest, prizes, and how to log your points.

Here are all the different ways you can earn points in the contest:

Points For Having Previous Qualifications

  • qualifications starqualifications starqualifications star 3 Star = 1,000 points
  • qualifications starqualifications star 2 Star = 500 points
  • qualifications star 1 Star = 250 points

Points For Reaching New Qualifications

  • qualifications starqualifications starqualifications star 3 Star = 1,000 points
  • qualifications starqualifications star 2 Star = 500 points
  • qualifications star 1 Star = 250 points

Points For Making Traffic Purchases:

  • Diamond = 4000 points
  • Titanium = 2000 points
  • Platinum = 1000 points
  • Gold = 500 points
  • Silver = 250 points
  • Bronze = 100 points
  • Basic = 50 points

(If you select the BOGO Special, you earn DOUBLE points!)

Points For Taking Daily Actions

  • Complete system setup videos = 50 points Limit: 1 Time Per Contest
  • Complete business plan videos = 50 points Limit: 1 Time Per Contest
  • Complete marketing links videos = 50 points Limit: 1 Time Per Contest
  • Complete daily marketing plan = 50 points Limit: 1 Time Per Day
  • Have 10 quality conversations with prospects = 25 points Limit: 1 Time Per Day
  • Do a Facebook event invite = 100 points Limit: 1 Time Per Day
  • Do 100 follows with twitter crowdfinder = 50 points Limit: 1 Time Per Day
  • Attend daily radio show = 50 points Limit: 1 Time Per Day
  • Give a testimonial on daily radio show = 100 points Limit: 1 Time Per Day
  • Attend Tuesday webinar = 100 points Limit: 1 Time Per Week
  • Promote Thursday webinar = 50 points Limit: 1 Time Per Week
  • Post a Facebook comment testimonial = 100 points Limit: 1 Time Per Day
  • Submit testimonial video = 250 points Limit: 1 Time Per Week

Contest Terms and Conditions

We aim to pay out contest prizes to the winners on Friday during the standard commission run 2 weeks after the contest ends. Anyone caught ‘cheating’ by adding points for actions they did not complete will forfeit all contest prizes, so please play fair so we don’t have to do that to anyone.

To give everyone an equal chance at winning, we’re going to give you an exact plan every single day and you can find them on the update blog right here.

Good luck and let’s have some fun!

By participating in this contest, you acknowledge that: You are 18 years of age or older; You have read Traffic Authority’s Affiliate Policies & Procedures and the Terms of Service and that you understand and agree with them. (You are bound by the terms of those agreements).

All taxes relative to the contest are the sole responsibility of the affiliate. Traffic Authority may prohibit an affiliate from participating in the affiliate contest if, in its sole discretion, it determines that said affiliate is attempting to undermine the legitimate operation of the contest by cheating or other unfair practices. For any violation of the Traffic Authority Affiliate Policies & Procedures or the Terms of Use, Traffic Authority reserves the absolute right to reverse the bonus received or suspend affiliates from the program.

All bonuses earned during the contest follow the payout schedule of the Traffic Authority affiliate compensation plan. Any refunds made after the contest payout will be the responsibility of the affiliate and their future commissions will be held back until such time the refund amount has been repaid to Traffic Authority. Prizes awarded may not be redeemed for cash. Traffic Authority reserves the right to deliver traffic over a 90 day period following the end of the contest.

What Else Is New At Traffic Authority?

1.) A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to a brand new Traffic Academy expert trainer, Rebecca Bardess, who taught all of our resellers her “Home Business Authority Blueprint”. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the replay here inside our reseller webinar archives.

2.) We also added Rebecca’s video course to the Traffic Academy training center. It’s 8 jam packed hours of PURE solid content that will help turn you into a highly productive marketer. This training course normally sells for $297 in the retail market, but if you’re a Traffic Academy member, you get access to it for free when you upgrade you membership here.

3.) The premium membership we recently launched is a HUGE hit.. We’re seeing people get fantastic results with Vince’s training and sales funnels. Access the promo emails for Vince’s sales funnel inside the premium reseller resources section.

Click Here To Access The Emails For Vince’s Premium Sales Funnel.

Click Here To Access Vince’s Premium Sales Funnel

Click Here To Access Vince’s Premium Training Videos

You can also customize your get response affiliate link and ‘meet your sponsor’ popup on this page. (In this webinar replay, we explain how to customize those things)

==>>Click Here To Upgrade To The Premium Reseller License!<<==

4.) We now have 3 different automated prospecting webinars for you to promote every Thursday night! (and more new ones are coming soon!) Simply choose which webinar you want to promote each week and grab the Thursday night prospecting webinar ‘done for you’ emails located inside this folder.

fast-start-training5.) The ‘Fast Start’ section of the reseller training is live, so you will know exactly how to get your business off the ground and you’ll be making money VERY quickly. This training teaches you the easiest ways to start getting traffic to your website and gives you all the best resources to use.
Click here to watch the fast start training videos.

6.) The ‘Resource Center’ is inside the reseller section, so you can get access to all the emails, Facebook posts, banners, and scripts you need to be successful in your traffic business.
Click here to get access to our marketing resources.

7.) We have 40+ Brand New Member Video Testimonial pages live on the “Marketing Links” page that are ready for you to share with your contacts through email, Facebook posts or any other advertising medium you choose. In an online business the #1 way to generate more leads and sales is by sharing other people’s results, thus these pages are your most valuable tool to explode your income with Traffic Authority. Click here to start using the testimonial pages.

8.) There are new promo emails regularly added for you to send your contacts. These include different styles including testimonials, videos,  short and long emails. Our commitment is to provide you fresh content to send your email list while eliminating the hassle of having to write them yourself. 🙂
Click here to access the daily promo emails folder.

9.) We have an actionable Daily Marketing Plan. Make sure you are following the plan every single day to build a steady
flow of leads and sales in your business.
Click here to access the daily marketing plan.

Stay Focused

Consistency Yields Success

The key to getting big results is consistency, make sure you focus ALL your energy on marketing and building your business every single day. We’ll optimize the system and
release new tools and training to help take you to the next level. 

As we continue providing you new marketing tools you’ll need to focus EXCLUSIVELY
on building your list, this is how you’ll catapult yourself to the success stratosphere.

Don’t wait!…. Do the “THING” put 100% of your effort into creating your new lifestyle.
Don’t let life live you.. instead choose to live life. 

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Let’s make it a great week!

The Traffic Authority Team

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