Slight Edge Contest: Daily Drawing Winners

By. Emily Hagen


If you haven’t heard by now, we are running a brand new contest once again! TA: Slight Edge Contestwith an extra twist this time around! Each day, we will hold a random drawing in the morning for Traffic Authority members to win a daily prize! To qualify for a prize, all you have to do is earn 150 points in a 24 hour period. Did you know, you can obtain 100 points just for showing up on the LIVE Daily Traffic Report at Eleven AM EST? If you participate in the discussion you get 200 points! That activity alone is enough to get you in the hunt for a prize.


Daily Winners to Date:

08/15/2016: Mark Goldenberg                  Amazon Echo

08/16/2016: Seth Bradley                           Book of Choice

08/17/2016:  Susan Mogan                         Book of Choice

08/18/2016: Hugh Gayle Jr.                      Book of Choice

08/19/2016: Teresa Goben                        Apple TV

08/20/2016: DaleAnn Torbey                  Book of Choice

08/21/2016: Donald Beres Jr.                  Book of Choice

08/22/2016: Lelia Reed                             Book of Choice

08/23/2016: Luis Zaragoza                      Samsung Tablet

08/24/2016: Ryan Hutchison                  Book of Choice

08/25/2016: Nathan bohlmann               Book of Choice

08/26/2016: Kim Snyder                           Apple TV

08/27/2016: Gary Anderson                     Choice of Book

08/28/2016: Curtis Conrad                      Choice of Book

Take a peek at the image below to see what our daily prizes include.

daily prizes slight edge



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