By. Emily Hagen



Here at Traffic Authority, we strive to bring you the latest greatest. Beyond our High-Quality Traffic and Internet Marketing Tools, we love to switch up our contests!


Traffic Authority Presents

Points Trek


If you’ve been a member with Traffic Authority for a while, you know about our points-based contests. As you Do The Thing, you will accumulate points to earn prizes. This time around, we are giving out the latest gadgets and gizmos! We have a Visio 70’ LED 4k Ultra HD Home Theatre Display and an Apple Watch, just to name TWO of our prizes. Check out the POINTS TREK: BEYOND Contest banner in your Back Office right now. This contest will only last for 10 days, July 22nd 10 am EST to July 31st 11:59 pm EST, so go get those points!

Click here to see how to earn points and what our prizes are!

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