One Can Be the Loneliest Number

By. Emily Hagen



One Can Be the Loneliest Number

Starting up a business can be an extremely emotional process. Learning how to form your new company and finding ways to finance it is stressful and mentally tasking. Entrepreneur Magazine wrote an article, For Entrepreneurs, One Really Can Be the Loneliest Number, giving us some helpful insight on how to handle these emotions.


Get Started with the Three F’s of Entrepreneurship

Founding, frugality, and focus are key when starting a new business. Founding: there is never a perfect time to start a company, so do it now. Frugality: spend your money wisely and manage your time efficiently. Both are very limited resources and should be recognized as a precious commodity. Focus: it is easy to get distracted by all the opportunities that pop up, but you must learn to say no and focus on things relevant to your company.

Use Resources That Cost Nothing

There are many ways to advance your business without incurring expenses. Reconnect with anyone that can be of service to your business. People with connections to potential vendors and customers are extremely helpful when you do not have a marketing budget yet. By managing your personal finances, you are able to save extra money in case things get tight. Lastly, always plan ahead for worse-case scenarios. Without a backup plan, you risk losing resources and assets that are imperative to your company.

Do Not Go at it Alone

Just like in your personal life, it is best to have someone to talk to. Building a business is hard, and without a mentor to talk with, the stress can become extremely overwhelming. Your ideas and strategies are enhanced when you are able to take your ideas and elaborate them. The ability to speak with others and share the experience of starting a business will open your eyes and aid you in emotional stability.

Do your best to implement each of these key points. With a clear mind and a strong heart, anything is possible.



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