November 2nd Company Update – Final Contest Winners!

The Halloween contest is finished and we have a TON of new prize winners to announce today!

These are the Top 10 Halloween Contest Prize Winners!

Make sure you congratulate them on their Facebook wall for killing it in their online business and winning a contest prize, they deserve some love for all their hard work! 🙂

#1: Vincent Ortega Jr. – 15′ Macbook Pro

#2: Mack Zidan – 27′ iMac Desktop

#3: Kit Elliot – New 12′ Macbook

#4: Eric Bechtold – New 12′ Macbook

#5: Ankur Agarwal – 13′ Macbook Air

#6: Alen Celic – 13′ Macbook Air

#7: Devon Brown – iPAD Air 2

#8: Fraser McDonald – iPAD Air 2

#9: Shaun Smith – Apple Watch

#10: Rob Fore – Apple Watch

These are the Oct 31st Weekly Giveaway Winners!

Make sure you congratulate them on their Facebook wall for killing it in their online business and winning a contest prize, they deserve some love for all their hard work! 🙂

Chiara Francica – New 12′ Macbook

Flo Kay – 13′ Macbook Air

Gary Chappelle – iPAD Air 2

Luis Zaragoza – Apple Watch

Kim Snyder – Bose Headphones

If you won a prize from hitting the top 10 list or winning the weekly giveaway, Congrats! Doug will be reaching out to you to make arrangements for where to send it.

If you didn’t win a prize in this contest, don’t worry! We’ll be launching a new contest with new prizes for the Christmas season, as well as our exciting new leadership rank bonuses this month, so there will be a lot of new prizes and goals for you to shoot for this month. In the mean time, the key is to keep taking the same actions you did every day during the contest so you can keep building momentum and reach your goals as quickly as possible. Then before you know it, you’ll see your name climbing to the top of the list in a our contests.

What Else Is New With Traffic Authority?

1.) The premium membership we launched last month is a HUGE hit.. Were seeing people get fantastic results with Vince’s training and sales funnels so far, and today the first set of promo emails for Vince’s sales funnel are inside the premium reseller resources section.

Click Here To Access The New Emails For Vince’s Premium Sales Funnel.

Click Here To Access Vince’s Premium Sales Funnel

Click Here To Access Vince’s Premium Training Videos

You can also customize your get response affiliate link and ‘meet your sponsor’ popup on this page. (In this webinar replay, we explain how to customize those things)

Click Here To Upgrade To The Premium Reseller License!

2.) On Tuesday night, we’re going to give you a sneak peak into our exciting new leadership ranks and the bonuses you can qualify for by hitting them. This is something we’ve been planning since the launch of Traffic Authority and now you will be able use the leadership ranks to drive your success to whatever level you desire. Watch out for our email with the link to register for the webinar so you can get all the details on what’s coming…

3.) On Thursday night, we will have a brand new prospecting webinar for you to promote, hosted by the one and only, Devon Brown! He will be sharing his success story, breaking down what makes Traffic Authority so powerful, and doing what he does best, closing sales for YOU! Make sure you pay attention to your email on Wednesday because we will have a new set of emails for your to promote inside this folder that use Devon’s results instead of Vince’s. (and we will be creating a new link for you to promote Vince’s prospecting webinar in the future if you want to)

4.) If you were having issues updating your credit card this past month, don’t worry.. we have fixed the issue you we’re having with updating/adding new cards and re-activated your subscriptions so you can now go update your card.

fast-start-training5.) The ‘Fast Start’ section of the reseller training is live, so you will know exactly how to get your business off the ground and making money quickly. This training teaches the easiest ways to start getting traffic to your website and gives you all the best resources to use. Click here to watch the fast start training videos.

6.) The ‘Resource Center’ is inside the reseller section, so you can get access to all the emails, Facebook posts, banners, and scripts you need to be successful in your traffic business. Click here to get access to our marketing resources.

7.) We have 40+ Brand New Member Video Testimonial pages live on the Marketing Links page that are ready for you to share with your contacts through email, Facebook posts or any other advertising. In an online business, the #1 way to generate more leads and sales is to share the results that other people are having with that business, so these pages are going to be one of your most valuable tools for growing your income with Traffic Authority. Click here to start using the testimonial pages.

8.) There are new daily promo emails being added into this folder ever single day for you to send to your contacts. They will include all different kinds of emails (testimonials, videos, short and long), so you always have fresh content to send your email list and contacts, without having to write them yourself. Click here to access the daily promo emails folder.

9.) Inside the daily emails folder, there is also a folder for the Thursday night prospecting webinar. It includes 3 different emails that you can send on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (in between your other promo emails) that will send people to our live webinar that explains the benefits of the Traffic Authority business. Click here to access the Thursday night prospecting webinar emails

Marketing Plan10.) We have a brand new Daily Marketing Plan live for October that no longer includes any training or resources from the pre-launch sales funnel. We are phasing out that website this week so you can start operating your business like normal and still have access to everything you need to grow your business. Make sure you are following the plan every single day to build a steady flow of leads and sales in your business. Click here to access the daily marketing plan.

The key to getting big results in the longterm is consistency, so make sure you’re focusing all your energy on marketing and building your business every single day. Let us focus on optimizing the system and releasing new exciting tools and training to help take you to the next level. 

Over the next month, we’re going to be releasing a ton of new stuff for you to use in your marketing, but it will be useless to you if you don’t start building your email list and getting ready to blow up your business right now. Don’t wait anymore, it’s time to hustle hard and put 100% of your effort into this so you’re ready when we announce the new leadership bonuses, sales funnels, training, and resources.. It’s coming, whether you’re ready or not, so let’ do this!

Also, don’t forget to attend our daily radio show to always get the most up-to date information and training for your Traffic Authority business, as well as get your questions answered by us live. Please join us Weekdays, Monday through Friday at 11:00am EST:

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Listen live or recorded online:  Online Access to Radio Show at 11:00am EST!

Let’s make it a great week!

The Traffic Authority Team