New Year ~ New Opportunities Contest!

By. Emily Hagen



New Year ~ New Opportunities Contest!

Starts: Wednesday, Jan 11th at 10:00 AM EST

Ends: Tuesday, Jan 31st at 11:59 PM EST

With the New Year comes new possibilities and new beginnings. Everyone is planning their New Year’s resolution, but we have a suggestion for you. Invest in yourself and in your business—and get rewarded for it!


bannersmIn Traffic Authority’s first contest of 2017, New Year ~ New Opportunities Contest, you can now earn 750 points when you post a Facebook testimonial on your wall. This contest includes one new point-gaining option as well: watch 3 hours of Traffic Academy Training Videos per week get 600 points! That’s some major points for simply investing in yourself! 



Plan your attack on the New Year by reviewing all the ways you can get those points and win your way to the top. Check out the banner in your back office at 10 AM EST today, January 11th, to access the New Year ~ New Opportunities Contest and start your New Year’s resolution!



Daily Prizes!

Don’t forget! We will be drawing daily prizes on Traffic Authority’s daily radio show, hosted by Joe. To qualify for a daily prize, contestant must claim or earn a minimum of 150 points on the day that is being drawn. Days run from midnight to midnight eastern time each day. There is a limit of one daily prize per person, per contest.


Click here to access Traffic Authority’s daily radio show: Monday – Friday at 11 AM EST.





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