Monday Morning Traffic Report: The On Ramp IS Jammed

By. Emily Hagen


David Bowie was well known for his unique ways. Who and what was he? He was able to make a very large impact on many individuals and never stopped trying till he died; introducing the concept of transgender and continuously pushing the boundaries of what is deemed normal. He “morphed into something else,” which we all do as time, change, and experience have shaped us into what we are today. Shortly before his passing he released a music video labeled “Lazarus.” This video left people shocked at the time of his passing, but also presented strong and eerie connections to what he was experiencing with incurable cancer. Bowie continued to rethink and redefine himself till the end, leaving an everlasting legacy in his name and image.

There is a lot to learn from Bowie. We must live our life with meaning. We must have the drive to continue pushing and taking action.  He was extremely serious about his craft, never wasting an ounce of energy to perfect his dreams. Bowie has allowed us to celebrate his life and the contributions he has made for the world, including ourselves.

How will you paint your masterpiece? Living life like a masterpiece means people are watching you. To leave a legacy and ancestry is a mark of living one’s life with meaning. Think how your children and grandchildren will speak of you—how they will use you as an example when things are tough, because they know of your path. One must take the proper steps and live life in balance.

If money is the motivation and meaning for your life, do not utilize Traffic Authority as just another “point and click” marketing deal. When one takes advantage of this unique industry and all the opportunities it holds, they are able to leave a lasting impression, which means living life like a masterpiece. Traffic Authority gives you the chance to make a difference, as well as lead the way for those watching you. Your community will see you as a leader, only emphasizing that you are on the right track to living life as a masterpiece and with meaning.


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