Monday Morning On-Ramp

By. Emily Hagen


Consistency and Persistence

“Green Eggs and Ham” is a classic children’s book written by Doctor Seuss. Throughout the story, Sam tries to get another character to eat green eggs and ham. Sam asks if he “would like them in a house; would you like them with a mouse.” The other character persists to tell Sam he would not like the food no matter how Sam asks the question. He “simply does not like green eggs and ham.” Eventually, the character gives up; “if you will let me be, I will try them, and you will see.” The green eggs and ham turned out to be a hit! All it took was a simple taste.

The theme behind this children’s story is consistency and persistence. Sam refuses to give up, ending in a great result. Through Sam’s consistent communication and persistence, the character found the true value of this odd entrée. If you stay in front of your audience—your prospect list—results will follow. Not every prospect on your list will join Traffic Authority, but with consistent communication, more individuals will turn into members. Over time, your audience will see what you see—the results, commissions, and possibilities. Communicate the value of Traffic Authority and Traffic Academy, just as Sam proved the value of green eggs and ham. Utilize the FaceBook Traffic Authority page and webinars as encouragement. Stay consistent, stay persistent, and stay helpful.



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