Learning to be Awesome at Anything You Do, Including Being a Leader

By. Emily Hagen


Learning to be Awesome at Anything You Do, Including Being a Leader


Think of one thing you have been dying to master. How long has it been since this desire came to mind? What have you done to master said thing? Tasha Eurich, an Organizational Psychologist, presented a speech with TED Talks about becoming “awesome at anything you do.” While the example she used in her presentation was the story of a terrible boss becoming a profound leader, Tasha emphasized that her simple “3 Steps for Improvement” can be applied anywhere, in all aspects of life.

Personal development and achievement is not a task you can delegate or continually push aside. “No one will truly invest in you, but you.” Tasha’s 14 years of experience has shown her a reoccurring pattern: three steps for radical improvement of anything one would like to do better.


1: Know Thyself

To know thyself, you must know your strengths and capabilities. The majority of individuals over estimate their personal qualities, and even more surprisingly, most individuals are not even aware a problem exists. This is the time to dive in and accept yourself.

What are your objective measures of success? Meaning, what indicates that one has reached a level of success. Defining success varies from person to person. In Traffic Authority, an objective measure of success may mean the number of members in your downline. Perhaps it is your sales conversions.

Once you’ve defined your objective measure of success, determine what your subjective measures of success are. Answer these three easy questions.

  • What am I doing that is helping me succeed?
  • What am I doing that is getting in the way?
  • How can I adapt my approach to be better?

2: Pick One Thing to Work On

“It is far better to make progress on one thing then little to none on many things.” What actions do you need to take to master your thing? Make a list, then rate each item from 1 to 10 of how much more awesome you would be. Keep in mind, this list should directly relate to your objective measure of success. If yours is based on the number of members in your downline, more engagement with your prospects should definitely be on this list.

3: Practice Daily

So many people stop at the second step, but without actively working on your personal development, you will never master your thing. Make a plan. Make this plan a daily commitment and develop a habit of completing it.

  • What will I practice today?
  • What opportunities will I have to do it?
  • How will I measure my progress?

If you want to increase engagement with your prospects, start with welcome emails. A simple “hello” aids in establishing a relationship between your prospect and you. Once you have written the perfect welcome email, move onto calls.

As a support member, coach, and sponsor here at Traffic Authority, I can say calls were scary and tough in the beginning. After the first week, I obtained the ability to speak fluently without the need to pause. By the second week, my answers and welcome calls had become a memorized speech that required no second thought.


Now is the time. No one is going to give you personal development. No one can define what success means to you. Accept yourself, get feedback from others. Create your plan. Practice daily. Results create confidence. This confidence will carry you through all you do and to success.


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