Founders Showcase and Traffic Authority Changes

By. Emily Hagen



Founders Showcase


On this webinar, two founders, Doug and Greg, were able to speak with us about the latest and greatest on Traffic Authority.


All About Traffic Authority

                With every journey comes obstacles and challenges. No one has ever created something that was perfect on the first try. Traffic Authority has gone through grand innovation and has consistently made changes to become the unique internet traffic broker that it is today.

Internet traffic is not new; it has been around for quite some time. Many people have decided they were up to the challenge of selling internet traffic, but were confused on how to be successful in this industry. Traffic Authority has created a methodology of step by step strategies to help you get results. As we continue to hear your needs and wants, we implement them to cater to you. Our core fundamentals have been here since incorporation, and maintaining them is of highest priority. Traffic Authority is here to help you become an entrepreneur and learn the power of self-driven innovation.

Beyond the lessons and traffic packages, we commit to providing quality leads. Most companies give injected leads—leads of no value—which they also distribute to the majority of their customers. Greg tests the leads for months and months at a time to make sure they are legitimate—because injected leads are not buyers. Continual analysis allows us to raise the conversion rates of leads to buyers and enhance our highly effective strategies.


Some Notes from Us to You

Everyday opportunities are popping up, and everyone behind the scenes is getting excited. We are working on an Annual Membership that will save you money. When you purchase an Annual Membership, you will earn 2 months of Traffic Academy and a year’s subscription of the Traffic Optimizer and Traffic Reseller for FREE. This is a total savings of $758! This one-year subscription is a simple, one-time payment of $997. Based on your Three Star Qualification status, you can earn either $250 or $400 in commissions. Don’t forget, if you do not purchase an annual membership, the commissions will go Upline to the next member that is qualified.

Three Star Qualification is critical! Once you hit the Three Star Qualification, you instantly gain 80% commission on the rest of your Traffic Optimizer, Traffic Academy, and Traffic Package sales. You must know in advance what it takes to be successful. It will not happen overnight, but with time, effort, and resources, it will happen! Put in the effort, and apply all of your new-found knowledge, and you will be Three Start Qualified soon.

On average, 60% to 70% of profits are made from teams. Start by building a team of two. Once they have their own team of two, you will begin leveraging your monthly expenses and begin to break even. This is where profit beings!

You do not have to buy traffic to generate leads. While purchasing traffic is the quickest and most efficient way to generate them, it can also be done organically. Organic leads are generated using social media. Through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, connecting with people on a personal level and maintaining this friendship can also lead to buyers that will become key, essential players on your team. Check your Traffic Academy often to find the lessons on how to generate these organic leads. Don’t forget to bring a pen and paper!



To listen to this webinar, click here.

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