Easy Mistakes to Avoid

By. Emily Hagen



Yet another amazing webinar with profitable nuggets of information! Let’s examine an article from Entrepreneur Media, The 5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make.


Expecting Success Right Away

“If you are expecting success right away from your business, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.” All great things take time; business is a long-term game. Just like securities and stocks, financial gain is obtained over time. When joining Traffic Authority, the results will be slow initially. As you increase your list, the commissions will begin to amplify exponentially. Your business will be successful and you will obtain a growing income with time and effort.

Trying to do Everything Yourself

“A good entrepreneur knows how to delegate, plain and simple.” We all know how impossible it is to do everything on our own. Maintaining a business and keeping the home well-kept is hard enough, and our lives are much more complex than those two aspects alone. It is imperative to outsource some of our tasks. The automatic responder, GetResponse, is an incredibly valuable asset for Traffic Authority. Beyond sending the standard emails to your list, set up automatic messages about the daily webinars. Send reminders of the live shows and the replays; don’t forget to include the link as well. These webinars hold so many nuggets of information, just like this one!

Ignoring Your True Passion and Just Going for the Money

“If you aren’t passionate about your business and the field you have chosen to open a company, then you will never be successful.” One must be motivated and driven to get the work done and do the thing every day. Money alone will not provide the feeling of fulfillment that is achievable in life. Webinars are a really great way to get your creative juices flowing and motivate you to do your best.

Not Being Adaptable

“If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s ever-changing market, then you need to learn to be adaptable.” With the advancement of technology, change spreads like wildfire. Innovation brings challenges and great success. Adapt and embrace change. Make of note the strategies you use and the various results they bring. Alter these strategies to enhance the potential outcomes, and your success will surely follow. Be sure you stay updated on the lessons in Traffic Academy. They provide great, insightful ways to promote your business and increase your prospects.

Ignoring Social Media

“There are so many traditional industries that think they don’t need the Internet.” The Internet is used to find solutions for needs and pains. Marketing your business on every available platform will increase your exposure. Utilizing social media outlets is essentially free and provides great organic leads. Traffic Academy has a few lessons on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook that are very in depth and provide step by step instructions on how to create your profiles in the most effective way.


Make sure to keep these mistakes in mind, and do your best to avoid them. Apply this valuable nugget of information to Traffic Authority. Leads, results, and commissions are yours for the taking, so take initiative, and make it happen!


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