Daily Marketing Plan – November 2015

Welcome to the Daily Marketing Plan

This plan is designed to give you some easy-to-follow steps to complete each day that will bring traffic to your website and give you the best chance of making BIG money with Traffic Authority.

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This is the MOST CRITICAL time to start earning money in your Traffic Authority business, so don’t wait. Make sure you complete all the steps below every single day to continue building your Traffic Authority team using the promo links on this page, as well as do any other marketing you can in order to maximize your paid Traffic Authority members.

Step#1: Listen To The Daily Company Call

Visit http://www.TrafficAuthorityReport.com or call in to (914) 338-0631 at 11 am EST to attend our daily live company call and get up to date information regarding our direction, vision and to get helpful hints to successfully grow your business.

Here’s the full event calendar so you can attend all our live events http://www.radioleveragelive.com/

Step#2: Join Our Private Facebook Group

Join our facebook group here http://budurl.me/taprivatefbgroup, so you can ask any questions and connect with other Traffic Authority business owners to get insight and additional training that can help you reach your goals faster.

Step#3: Register For The Next Training Webinar

Resister for the next live training webinar on this page http://www.TrafficWebLive.net and make sure you show up early because we will be sharing the top strategies for getting traffic to your business and making sure it converts into leads and sales.

Here’s the replay of a SUPER-VALUABLE training from Adam and Joe on how to use all the new tools, training, and sales funnels inside Traffic Authority.

create a goal

Before you start marketing, you need to create a goal!

This step requires you to ask yourself some questions, just be sure to be COMPLETELY honest with yourself.

What is your big income goal?

How much do you want to earn from this launch?

Why do you want to earn that much?

Be VERY specific, there are no right or wrong answers.

Don’t just say that you want money or I want to buy a motorcycle. Why you REALLY want to earn more money?

Perhaps your reason WHY is more romantic… maybe you want to take your spouse on that honeymoon that you never had. Maybe you want to pay for your child’s dental braces so they don’t get picked on at school? You may be saving up for a new car, condo or boat. Regardless of your reasons, make sure you are crystal clear on WHY you want to make money because that reason why is what will drive you to hit your goals.

This video can help you break down your big income goal so you know exactly what it is.

After you figure out your  income goal, you need to set a goal for how many sales you need to make per day to hit it.

If you’re brand new, a good number to shoot for is 2 new $47 sales per day, because if you do that consistently for a month, that’s 60 new Traffic Optimizer customers, around 20 new Traffic Academy customers, and a handful of traffic packages, which will result in a nice monthly payday for you.

Plus, when you’re making sales consistently every day, your sales will start to compound very quickly, and then if you decide you want to reach your income goal even faster, all you need to do is increase your daily goal and you’ll speed things up.

The key is that you focus on one thing every day, hitting your daily sales goal. If you do that, the system will help you do the work of selling our other products.

Here’s the plan for reaching that goal…

Make sure you have at least 10 quality conversations per day. If you’re wondering what a quality conversation is just remember that your mission is to truly engage people, do NOT just plaster your link all over the place and expect extraordinary results. Add a personal touch whenever possible, talk to people on the phone if needed or chat with them and be sure to ask the right questions.

This is the most effective thing you can do if you want to guarantee you’ll get a certain amount of signups each and every day, whether you’re a new or experienced online business owner. Many take this for granted, but I’ve seen people get 2-5 signups per day JUST by emailing their personal contacts or chatting with people on facebook, then sending them to their website.

Use the ‘FB Private Message’ scripts that are provided to you inside the resource center and don’t be afraid to ask people questions, get them to dig deeply. Ask them what there goals are? Also ask them WHY they want it, and if they’re ready to start getting to work to hit them?

Then get them started promoting their new business by following these daily marketing plans, just like you are. The more you work with your team personally, the more money you will make because you will have committed people on your team who have already started building their business.

1.) Connect With Your Personal Contacts

Watch Fast Start Videos 1 and 2 inside the reseller training center to learn how to reach out to your contacts on social media and email. Post on your wall and in at least 20 groups. Remember to chat with at least 20 people on facebook per day and have quality conversations. You can access the training and resources you need here.

2.) Purchase A Traffic Package

Watch Fast Start Video 3 inside the reseller section to learn how to buy traffic packages. This is something that’s optional if you have the budget for it, but if you do, it can build your team very quickly. Just make sure you if you use this method you’re following up with all the new members personally and help them get started. You can purchase a traffic package here.

3.) Contact Any Leaders You Know In The Industry

Watch Fast Start Video 4 to learn how to contact known leaders and affiliates in the industry. This is one of the most powerful ways to build your team very quickly and you never know if someone is looking for a new opportunity, so don’t count anyone out. Use the leader email located inside your back office here, along with the special affiliate page we created just for leaders.

4.) Share A New Testimonial Video

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’? When you’re running an online business, the #1 way to get someone to believe they can do something is by showing them someone just like them who has already done it. The great thing about Traffic Authority is, the business is so simple that anyone can do it. (and we have PROOF!)

Sharing results and proof has been proven to produce more sales than any other method, so use these pages whenever you can.. There are over 40 different testimonial videos on this page with success stories from our members that you can use in your emails, facebook posts, or any other advertising you like.

*Hint: You can also use these testimonial pages in your facebook event promos to increase results.

Just make sure you post an income disclosure along with them, like this:

Individual Results Will Vary, See Our Average Income At: http://taearnings.com

5.) Send Broadcast Emails To Your List

Watch this video to learn how to broadcast your email list. The biggest goal in your online business is to build an email list. Your email list is your biggest asset because as you build a relationship with the people on your list by sending them emails, you have the ability to make money on demand. Sending 1-2 emails to your list every day is critical if you want to build a long-term reliable business, and this training will make it simple for you to understand. You can watch the email broadcasting training here.

Here is a folder full of Traffic Authority emails you can send to your list every day. (It includes 3 emails to promote the Thursday Live Prospecting webinar, so you can send those on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday if you want)

You can also watch Darren Hanser’s ‘Email Marketing Bootcamp’ inside the Traffic Academy to become an expert on email marketing. (Note: If you’re not a Traffic Academy member, upgrade here to get instant access to Darren’s $250 training course, just for being an Academy member)

6.) Create a Facebook Event Promotion

This is a super powerful strategy for sharing your daily emails and testimonials with all your Facebook friends at the same time and finding interested people to talk to about your business. If you’re not a premium reseller, you will need to upgrade your membership to access this training, but once you do you can watch the video here to learn how to create a Facebook event. 

7.) Followup With Your Facebook Prospects

After you create your event, you will see people say if they’re interested or not almost right away. Make sure you followup with all the people who say they’re interested using the script inside this training video. If you’re not a premium reseller, you will need to upgrade your membership to access this training, but once you do you can watch the video here to learn how to followup with your Facebook event prospects.

8.) Follow 100 People On Twitter Using Crowdfire

This strategy is perfect for creating a list of twitter followers that are looking to start an online business. Plus, it only takes around 5 minutes each day and can produce 50-100 leads each week if it’s done consistently. If you’re not a premium reseller, you will need to upgrade your membership to access this training, but once you do you can watch the video here to learn how to follow 100 people on twitter per day and generate tons of leads.

9.) Contact Your Members leaders

This step is absolutely CRITICAL if you want to be successful. The best way to maximize your income is to have people on your team building their business along side you so you earn income from their sales. I recommend you send a welcome email to everyone who joins your team that tells them to reach out to you personally. Include your personal email and phone number inside the email and give them a call after you send it. If you’re able to reach them, get to know them a little bit and build a good relationship. Find out if they’re excited/serious about Traffic Authority. Tell them you’ll help them if you get a commitment from them to build the business with you, then help them get started by following these assignments. The more people you get engaged and upgrading right away, the more money you will make with Traffic Authority, so don’t leave this step out.

Here’s an email script you can use to send all your new members.

Here’s a phone script you can use to help them get started.

Take action on this plan and earn extra money!

If you have any questions of would like to give feedback on how we can improve these assignments, please feel free to leave a comment inside the facebook group.