Busy is as Busy Does

By. Emily Hagen



Busy is as Busy Does


Jim Joseph, a marketing master, wrote an extraordinary article on what it means to be busy. Here is what I’ve learned from his words of wisdom.

Throughout our lives, we consistently make excuses to avoid a task. The most common excuse is, “I’m way too busy.” Yet, have you noticed when something urgent or imperative arises, we are able to jump the gun and squeeze in time to get the job done?

This is because busy is actually based on our own personal definition and state of mind. To be busy in all actuality is based on priorities and productivity. We must determine what we want to get done, versus what we need to get done.

To illustrate some effective time management, as you make a personal call to your leads, send out a personal welcome email or a checkup email.  Contacting your prospects directly increases your results and establishes a relationship. With effect time management, you can maximize your time!

Today is the day to stop making excuses. Now is the time to set priorities and commit to being productive. The more time you waste, the less results you will see. Find a method and implement strategies that work for you. Time is of the essence!



To read the article, click here.

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