Hump Day Fever: Half Way to the Weekend

By. Emily Hagen


Through the Leader’s Eyes:

Eli Manning and Peyton Manning are two footballs superstars; both of them have won in two Super Bowl’s. In the 2016 Super Bowl 50, Peyton scored a touchdown in the last few minutes of the game. Everyone went wild in celebration, including the Manning family. However, Eli was left in a stoic state, leaving the entire nation to believe he was jealous of his brother. What others fail to understand, is that Eli is a leader who has first-hand experience in many situations similar to the one unfolding in front of them. Eli did not allow himself to get caught in the moment. Instead, he reviewed many game possibilities in his mind. Eli is able to see what is not obvious to others, something many people do not understand.

Forbes magazine covered this event and elaborated on Eli’s reaction. Leaders do not get caught in the moment. Leaders automatically envision the next steps—what could happen, what will happen. In regards to leaders, Forbes states, “They strive to understand the context for their leadership, the change their team must respond to, the danger, fear or difficulty into which they must venture, persevere, and withstand.” When focusing on the events that are about to unfold, one can become more risk adverse by nature. If you get caught in the moment, you may get hit hard.

What can we take from this? “Be calm. Be aware. Be in the moment.” Don’t get stuck in place. Anything can happen in this fast-paced world. When things arise, whether those things are achievements or obstacles, it is important to see what is ahead. Lead your team into the future. Make the path for success an open road.


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