The 5 Worst Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By. Emily Hagen




The 5 Worst Traffic Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


The marketing brain-trust, Elite Marketing Pro, wrote an article titled, The 5 Worst Traffic Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, which I found extremely insightful. While reading this short overview, keep in mind all you have learned with Traffic Authority. Have you heard others in the community talk about some of these mistakes? Do you find yourself making these mistakes? Did you find methods or strategies to overcome these obstacles?


Poor Message to the Market

There are two different “traffic mediums” which produce very different results: “’cold’ traffic mediums” and “’warm’ traffic mediums.”

Cold traffic is traffic generated through banners and solo ads. While these forms of advertisement will attract attention and encourage engagement, the audience viewing them is often not looking for your services. Cold traffic will not know anything about you and will be unaware of your value, worth, and opportunities that you bring to the table.

On the other hand, warm traffic is created through the engagement and relationships built with prospects through social media and emails. Prospects who chose to learn about your services and value are aware of their pains and needs, causing them to actively seek solutions.


Relying on Free Traffic

When utilizing paid traffic, it is not required to show your worth and personal experience in order to obtain a lead. Free traffic produces results once you prove your repertoire and establish trust. However, when you are just embarking on the journey of selling internet traffic, it takes a lot of time and effort. Paid traffic will help you build the personal experience and profile necessary to optimize the possible commissions from social media platforms. This is why Traffic Authority tests the leads provided through Traffic Packages and strongly encourages you to purchase one as soon as possible. Remember, it is best not to hold all of your eggs in one basket. Start predominantly with paid traffic, then use free traffic on the side.


 Not Having an Advertising Budget

All businesses require “start-up” funds. On the television show “Shark Tank,” entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and state the required funds to some of the most successful business men and women of the world. Just like their ground breaking business ideas, funds are a necessity to gaining commissions in Traffic Authority. Simply saving $5 a day would allow you to cover the monthly costs of joining Traffic Authority. Many individuals eat out every day for lunch or dinner. Imagine the amount of money you could save to invest in yourself and your new business. Additionally, all it takes is a team of two to achieve enough leverage to cover these monthly expenses.


Not Committing to Yourself

“You’ve already made goals regarding your business, committing to yourself is the first step to start reaching them.” In the 7 Step Process in Traffic Authority, located in the Overview tab, the sixth step asks you what your goals and desires are. It is important to create a dream board. Your dream board should illustrate all of your all of these said goals, as well as how you will obtain them. Look at this board every day to motivate yourself to work hard, go the extra mile, and do the thing. One must commit to themselves, and hold themselves accountable, in order to make life all that it is meant to be.


Giving Up Too Soon

Nothing in life worth having happens overnight. A business has never popped-up and instantly generated revenues. Profits come with time, commitment, focus, and constant analysis. You must build your list before you begin earning commissions. The vast majority of entrepreneurs start with small sales, but over time those small sales will grow into larger sales, and eventually “game-changing” sales. Once you give up, the possibility of a growing monthly income, and obtaining the life you desire, diminishes.



These 5 mistakes have been a common topic and theme throughout Traffic Authority. Through the webinars, Traffic Academy lessons, and words of wisdom from our top leaders, the importance of avoiding these mistakes has been emphasized. Once you master these easy-to-avoid steps, and consistently analyze your progress and methods implemented, you will find your team and commissions growing, as well as yourself.



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