The Only 3 Ways to be More Productive

By. Emily Hagen



The Only 3 Ways to be More Productive

Taylor Pearson wrote an article., “The Only 3 Ways to be More Productive”, for Entrepreneur Magazine. Within the magazine are three nuggets of information about how to be more productive in all you do.


“Working harder has its limits”

Taylor elaborates that working harder can actually have a negative effect on productivity if pushed beyond your personal limits. The average person has 2 to 4 hours of “high-level energy” per day. Depending on your diet, exercise, and sleep, this could mean more or less high-level energy you are capable of. Once you have pushed beyond this limit, trying to complete more complex tasks, or tasks which require more creative-thinking, can have a negative effect on productivity. This means you will essentially need to go back and “fix” all the mistakes you have made.


“Books and hacks help us work smarter.”

We have always been taught to learn from other’s mistakes, especially our parents. Personally, I know there have been a few moments in my life where I thought “I will never do X like my parents did.” Taylor explained that, “It took a century for people to learn how to market products effectively.” So why would one not read to learn from these mistakes? By reading, we can obtain knowledge without experiencing a hundred years of trial and error. On the other hand, while reading provides us with explicit knowledge, it does not provide us with tactic knowledge. Hands on, active experience is the only way.

“Second, we can build a toolbox of productivity hacks, tips, and tricks.” Hacks are, essentially, small ways of completing tasks more efficiently. To illustrate, while I am making daily calls to welcome all of our new members in Traffic Authority, I am sending emails, folding letters, and even processing payments. This effective, methodical way of completing my daily tasks allows me to complete more work, giving more free time for tasks which take more creative thought and critical thinking.


“Courage is the ultimate productivity hack.”

Many individuals are unable to “distinguish between real and perceived risk.” In other words, we try to handle multiple projects because we fear if we fail on one major project, the world will end (I am being a bit dramatic here). If your project does not succeed, it is not life or death. My motto is, “Things that trouble me today, most likely won’t matter, or exist, a year from now.” You would be amazed how often this holds true. Be courageous and tackle one project. Set aside your fears and give it your full attention.

Taylor noted that some individuals claim they cannot stick to a single project because they have too many interests. What if you were able to take these ideas and innovate them so they can be utilized in your current project. Secondly, jot down these ideas. Have a creative journal where you can catalog all of these concepts and plans. If a project fails, you will have an inventory of future endeavors to accomplish.


To read “The Only 3 Ways to be More Productive”, click here.

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