Sept 13th Company Update + Webinar Replay

Just-Got-PaidThanks so much for your patience last week as we squashed some of the typical bugs after a big launch and moved our website over to Amazon web hosting in preparation for the huge amount of traffic that’s about to hit your new sales funnels..

The eWallet accounts are all created and the first round of commissions are paid, which was over $500k. We know it arrived over the weekend instead of on Friday and that was just due to it being the first time we funded the eWallet accounts, so it shouldn’t happen again.

If you haven’t become a paid Traffic Authority member yet, you can still watch the launch webinar and get started here. This is the perfect time to start building your business since most of the initial bugs are worked out, the traffic has started, and people are starting to make a LOT of sales.

If you just got started as a reseller and are wondering what to do, get started inside the reseller tab and follow the 6 steps inside the system setup and business plan tabs.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.43.48 PM
Once you’ve completed those steps, you will follow the steps on the Marketing Links page here to learn how to setup your ‘done for you’ emails and start marketing your Traffic Authority website.

Here’s a replay of the webinar from last week if you missed it. This is where we talked about all the new changes to the back office.

Click Here To Watch The Replay

Here’s a short list of updates from the webinar:

The commission and downline pages are working now.

There is a new retail traffic sales funnel inside the marketing links.

There is a new business opportunity sales funnel inside the marketing links.

There are new checkout pages, and bridge pages inside the marketing links.

There are new options for editing your sales funnel pages and headlines.

You can now start your traffic on the ‘active orders’ page inside the Traffic Store

The webinar from Thursday night will show you how to use it all..

Click Here To Watch The Replay

The marketing stats are currently tracking correctly inside the system and will be visible for you on the reseller dashboard and marketing stats pages within the next couple days, but as of right now, everything you need to make money is working and ready for traffic..

Plus, this is the last week of the BIG launch contest, so there are $20,000 in prizes up for grabs.

Here is your Daily Marketing Plan..

It’s very similar to the pre-launch one right now because that’s where we have all the resources and one simple place. We are working on adding all new marketing resources to the main reseller section this week, and it’s looking really awesome. As soon as that’s done, we’ll come out with a new Marketing Plan and redirecting the pre-launch pages over to the new sales funnels so everyone can start making more sales.

This is the week to start making sales, earning commissions, and building momentum in your new Traffic Authority business.

To Your Success,
Traffic Authority Team