Aug 21st Company Launch Update + Commissions + Marketing Plan

launch-buttonFirst of all, thanks so much for all your support and staying positive through the first 24 hours of launch. Whenever you release something like this, there are always small bugs you can’t find until people are actually using the website, but luckily we have a great team and they have been able to fix most of them very quickly.

The great news is, our members have already earned over $100,000 in commissions since the working join page went live inside the pre-launch back office last night. We will start displaying the stats and leaderboards as soon as possible so you can see where you’re at, but make sure you’re not waiting for anything at this point. Lock in your position and get your team started right away.

We shot a brand new webinar video for you to watch, that includes all the details on what TA has to offer, the plan for how you can reach $10,000 per month, and the special bonus you can get by getting started today. You only have a limited time to lock in your spot, so don’t wait.. click the link below right now!

==> Watch the launch webinar here and get started…

Congratulations to Les Perkins, Kit Elliot and Charles Green, I know you guys are going to crush it by being fast action takers in your business. You we’re the first 3 people to get Diamond qualified last night and won an iPad Air 2! We will be sending those out in the coming weeks and plan to always be giving away cool prizes to the people who are taking action and crushing it in Traffic Authority.

If you’re making sales on your team, you should start receiving emails shortly so you can see your commissions coming in real time. (we will also be sending all the emails from previous sales so you can see all your activity) Additionally, our dev team is working hard behind the scenes to get everything working for you so you can login to your live back-office, see your qualification status, downline sales, and make the maximum income possible during the launch.

If you’ve purchased a traffic package.. You will be instantly qualified to earn commissions on that level (plus the level above, due to the stair-step bonus), but the traffic will not start until we have the sales funnels live next week, so no need to worry about that for now.

Your main focus at this point should be continuing to promote the pre-launch pages and get your current team signed up as an active member in Traffic Authority by sending them to the webinar after they login to their pre-launch back-office.


If you have already joined, welcome to the team! This is the login to the live Traffic Authority back-office. You should be able to login and look around later this evening, but keep in mind that it’s not fully functional yet. The sales funnels, videos, and many other features won’t go live until next week, which is by design.

We want to make sure you’re focused on getting your pre-launch team started and continuing to promote the pre-launch pages and launch webinar for as long as possible, because it’s VERY effective and will give you a nice boost of momentum to start your new business.


This is a new and improved Marketing Plan for you to follow while the launch webinar is live and people still have the opportunity to join Traffic Authority BEFORE we release the new sales funnels. This is the perfect time for anyone to jump in and start making money, before we go 100% live next week.

==> Follow the Launch Marketing Plan here (every day)

Over the weekend, we will be be hosting a couple different live events that you don’t want to miss..

Saturday at 1 PM EST we will be hosting our founders call at: 914.338.0631 or Stream Live at

Sunday at 8 PM EST we will be hosting a LIVE Update webinar.

Register here:

If you want to stay in the loop on what’s going on, make sure you attend these live events. We will be showing you the numbers, what’s working the best, and giving you action plans to maximize your results.

Here are the steps you need to take right now.

#1: Watch this webinar:

#2: Join Traffic Authority as a paid member and lock in your position at the highest possible level so you don’t miss out on any commissions from the members you bring in. Plus, having the opportunity to take advantage of the Stair Step Bonus in your first 7 days where you get moved up a level in traffic qualification is HUGE!

#3: Get everyone on your team to read this update and lock in their position with Traffic Authority before next week. (here are daily emails to help with that)

#4: Keep promoting your pre-launch sales funnel and launch webinar so you build your team as big as you can before we release the new sales funnels next week.

It’s time to get positioned for maximum compensation! 🙂

To your success,
The Traffic Authority Team